After a Rainy Day by Thomas Bonfrey Burton
Date painted: 1892
Oil on canvas, 35 x 44.5 cm
Collection: Beverley Art Gallery


After a Rainy Day by Thomas Bonfrey Burton

Let Me by Iman Omari off Energy EP (2011)

without you (prod. by Greaf) by Spooky Black

“I sit in bed and wait for the whole thing to go
one way or the
just like everybody

The Last Night of the Earth Poems - Charles Bukowski


i hope i confuse you and you think about  me a lot


Light and shadow, Ray K. Metzker, RIP

“One needs no great sublimity of soul to realize that in this life there is no true and solid satisfaction, that all our pleasures are mere vanity, that our afflictions are infinite, and finally that death which threatens us at every moment must in a few years infallibly face us with the inescapable and appalling alternative of being annihilated or wretched throughout eternity.
   Nothing could be more real, or more dreadful than that. Let us put on as bold a face as we like: that is the end waiting the world’s most illustrious life. Let us ponder these things, and then say whether it is not beyond doubt that the only good thing in this life is the hope of another life, that we become happy only as we come nearer to it, and that, just as no more unhappiness awaits those who have been quite certain of eternity, so there is no happiness for those who have no inkling of it.”

— Blaise Pascal, Pensées

cool cool cool